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Inquiry for Neuro 4 Trophic Muscle Stimulator

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Customer Inquiry:

Dear may,

hi can l buy a neuro 4 if what is the cost?

Product Description:

Under the guidance of an appropriate therapist.The Neuro 4 unit allows the patient to receive stimulation during day to day activities.The passive patient to receive therapeutic signals to more muscle groups in one single session.Neuro 4 employs microcard technology and is advanced in its physiological approach.Its microcard manner of presentation adds to lightweight ergonomic design.Neuro 4 enables people to treat muscles on both sides of the trunk,abdominals,arms,legs,face and pelvic floor with full consideration of agonist and antagonist synergist and fixator functions.It is a 4 channel sequential frequency unit available with specific treatment programs.

Maismed Instrument Reply:

4 channel muscle stimulator machine

Technical Data

Channel 4
Mode 48programs
Screen Big LCD
Design digital
Output Waveform symmetrical Rectangular Biphasic
Output voltage 0-58V (0-pk) adjustable in 20 steps at 500Ωload
Output Intensity 0-80mA (1000Ω load)
Output Frequency 1-80 Hz
Plus Width 180us-400us
Battery 7.2V, 1350mAh battery
Memory Memorize the last operation mode at the time the device is switched off with battery
Load Detection YES
Operating Environment Temperature 0-40°C
Air humidity 30-75%
Air pressure 700hPa-1060hPa
Size 110*70*30
Weight 250g

■1 x Device ■4 x Lead wire ■8 x electrode
■7.2V, 1350mAh size Battery ■1 x Pouch ■1 x Instruction Sheet

Price: $49/set, MOQ300pcs

Sample: free sample for test if you can advise your DHL account

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