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Detailed Product Description: vaginal electrode probe

anal probe

Maismed Instrument is a professional Chinese manufacturer of tens machine in In our domestic Chinese market and abroad market, our company has been manufacturing mainly the following products:

mainly Tens machine unit products:

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulators (TENS machine unit)
Electrical Muscle Stimulators (EMS, NMS)
Interferential Stimulators (INF)
Micro Current Stimulators
Incontinence therapy devices

Products have Safety Approvals and Compliances such as FDA, CE / Medical, cMET, TGA, RoHs, REACH


Anal probe with two electrode rings made from medical grade stainless steel and bio-plastic. This anal probe can be used with E-stim devices as well as

TENS/EMS/EMG and Biofeedback pelvic exercise machines designed to stimulate pelvic floor muscles and treat urinary incontinence. Can be used with a variety of devices as the connectors fit to standard 2 pin lead wire connections. Can also be used for electrical stimulation. Although by definition it is an anal probe it can also be used vaginally. The electrode probe provides deep muscle stimulation to the pelvic floor area and used either vaginally or anally gives advanced stimulation to the appropriate muscle areas. only. Insert using a thin layer of lubricant gel.
Made frommedical grade stainless steel and bio plastic
Diameter12mm at tip 19.6mm at widest point
Length: Adjustable length 65mm to 110mm
Connection: Connects to 2mm pin connectors
Anal probe which can also be used vaginally

ConnectionConnects to Tens leads with 2 pin connectors

Slim probe with adjustable depth.

Ideal for use with incontinence unit during pelvic floor exercise.

Product Description

  • Slim design
  • Adjustable depth

A smaller diameter probe with adjustable depth setting for single patient use with most muscle stimulators and EMG biofeedback equipment.

Ideal for use with the  pelvic floor excerciser and for the treatment of incontinence. The spare probe  is a revolutionary internal probe with customer satisfaction its primary purpose.


  • Diameter: 19.6mm
  • Length: 108mm


  •  An extremely lightweight construction.
  •  Ergonomically designed for maximum comfort during use.
  •  Extra large conductive area to ensure maximum stimulation.
  • Fully sealed unit to aid and simplify the cleaning and serialising procedure.
  •  2mm dial universal socket and soft, flexible cable.
  • Soft curved shape to assist insertion and comfort.

anal probe

The Anal Probe is designed for use with Maismed uromuscular stimulators and EMG Biofeedback muscle assessment devices. The probe is compatible with all brands of EMG and stimulator devices, using leads with 2 mm connectors.

Maismed Anal Probe is has a long  body with 2 ring electrodes. The notches on the probe ensure stable positioning and comfortable fit in the anus during stimulation. Maismed Anal Probe is made from ABS plastic with stainless steel electrodes. Maismed Anal Probe is 102.5 mm long (insertable lengths) and has 14 – 17.5 mm diameter.

With the unit switched off, insert the lead wires into the sockets. You are now ready to commence stimulation insert the lead wire into the sockets.

Apply a thin coating of lubrication gel to the probe.

Incontinence Stimulation Probe (Electrodes)

probe, vaginal probe

The Incontinence Stimulation Probe (Electrode) are intended to provide electromyography feedback from pelvic musculature or electrical stimulation to pelvic musculature for the purpose of rehabilitation of week pelvic floor muscles and restoration of neuromuscular control during the treatment of urinary incontinence.

vagina, probe,

incontinence stimulation electrode position

Electrode orientation:

Model Maismed-01/02/11/12/14/15 of subject device provide the shell type of orientation,

Model Maismed-03/04/05/06/07/08/09/10/13 of subject device provide circular type of orientation.

The MaisMed Incontinence Stimulation Electrode models Maismed-01/02/03/04/05/06/07/08/09/10/11/12/13/14/15 are the light weight cylinder consisting of two or three independent conductive rings or plates that are paired and isolated, physically and electrically. The cylinder is shaped with a waist and handle for comfort positioning in vaginal canal for incontinent treatment and easy in removing after treatment. It is watertight to allow for washing with soap and water between uses.

A broad range of ECG monitoring solutions by Maismed

Electrocardiography is the process of recording the electrical activity of the heart over a period of time using electrodes placed on a patient’s body. These electrodes detect the tiny electrical changes on the skin that arise from the heart muscle depolarizing during each heartbeat.

vaginal probe

MaisMed Instrument ECG products are designed for health care. Users obtain accurate records by simple operation, including:
• Desktop ECG 133 with 3 electrodes
• Handheld ECG 159 with 3 electrodes & Detector

Designed in accordance with best-in-class standards, MaisMed Instrument  ECG measurements provide information for the care of patients in a wide range of care environments.

Measure Symptoms promptly:
– Unexpected Breathing
– Dizzy, Apnea, Easy to Tired
– Fatigable, Edema, Syncope
– Paroxysmal Cardiogram
– Out of Breath

MaisMed  ECG measurement including as:
• Convenient switching between Skin-conductor and 3-lead electrodes (Handheld type only)
• Continuous ECG monitoring from only 3 electrodes or Skin-conductor
• ST segment analysis
• Simultaneous real-time display
• Up to 25 memories content 30 seconds for each record for Desktop type and 25 memories for Handheld type.

 (A) Vaginal Probe Electrodes

(1) Model: Maismed-02
Material: SUS & ABS
Diameter: Dia.28mm x 80mm (Length)

vaginal probe

(2) Model:Maismed-02
Material: SUS & ABS
Diameter: Dia.28mm x 80mm (Length)

vaginal probe

(3) Model: Maismed-03
Material: SUS & ABS
Diameter: Dia.28mm x 159mm (Length)

anal probe, tens machine,

(4) Model: Maismed-04
Material: SUS & ABS
Diameter: Dia.25mm x 100mm (Length)

probe 04, vaginal probe

(5) Model: Maismed-05
Material: SUS & ABS
Diameter: Dia.25mm x 145mm (Length)

probe 05, anal probe

(6) Model: Maismed-06
Material: SUS & ABS
Diameter: Dia.25mm x 120mm (Length)

probe 06, anal probe

(7) Model: Maismed-07
Material: SUS & ABS
Diameter: Dia.20mm x 56mm (Length)

probe 07, anal vaginal probe

 (B) Rectal Probe Electrodes

(8) Model: Maismed-08
Material: SUS & ABS
Diameter: Dia.14mm x 85mm (Length)

probe 08, vaginal probe

(9) Model: Maismed-09
Material: SUS & ABS
Diameter: Dia.16mm x 103mm (Length)

probe 09, anal probe

(10) Model: Maismed-10
Material: SUS & ABS
Diameter: Dia.16mm x 103mm (Length)

anal probe

(11) Model: Maismed-11
Material: SUS & ABS
Diameter: Dia.18mm x 88mm (Length)

anal probe

(12) Model: Maismed-12
Material: SUS & ABS
Diameter: Dia.18mm x 129mm (Length)

anal probe

(13) Model: Maismed-13
Material: SUS & ABS
Diameter: Dia.16mm x 64mm (Length)

probe, anal probe

 (C) Vaginal & Rectal Probe Electrodes

(14) Model: Maismed-14

Material: SUS & ABS

Diameter: Dia.34mm x 78mm (Length)


(15) Model:Maismed-15
Material: SUS & ABS
Diameter: Dia.16mm x 64mm (Length)

probe, vaginal probe


For Vaginal Stimulation Electrodes:
Insert into vagina with electrode surfaces facing ‘East-West’ i.e. towards hips. Insert until body of Incontinence Stimulation Electrode is within the vaginal vault. ‘Ring’ part of the probe should remain external within labia.

 Model  Probe Length
 Probe Diameter
 Electrode Spacing
 Active Surfaces,
Area (inch2 / band)
 Maismed-01  2.7  0.994  0.55  0.63
 Maismed-02  2.7  0.994  0.55  0.60
 Maismed-03  6.3  1.102  0.59  1.23
 Maismed-04  3.9  0.984  0.71  1.22
 Maismed-05  5.7  0.984  0.20  1.22
 Maismed-06  4.7  0.984  0.16  1.22
 Maismed-07  2.2  0.787  0.87  0.97
 Maismed-14  3.1  1.339  1.14  0.48
 Maismed-15  3.4  0.945  0.63  0.37

For Anal Stimulation Electrodes:
Insert into ANUS whilst ‘bearing down’ as in passing stool. Anal sphincter should ‘lock’ around narrow neck of probe. ‘Ring’ part of probe should remain external to the anus at all times.

 Model  Probe Length
 Probe Diameter
 Electrode Spacing
 Active Surfaces,
Area (inch2 / band)
 Maismed-08  3.3  0.551  0.31  0.28
 Maismed-09  4.1  0.630  0.12  0.48
 Maismed-10  4.1  0.630  0.43  0.48
 Maismed-11  3.5  0.709  0.12  1.31
 Maismed-12  5.1  0.709  0.12  1.31
 Maismed-13  2.5  0.315  0.24  0.25
 Maismed-14  3.1  1.339  1.14  0.48
 Maismed-15  3.4  0.945  0.63  0.37

Approvals :
Safety IEC60601-1:2005/GZME130700043001 AA00000
EMC EN60601-1-2:2007/GZME130700305001
CE Certificate: HK03/02005
FDA 510K/K161055

Standard Export Package: upright and beam will be packed in plastic films and bubbles to protect from abrasion;
Accessories will pack in cartons.

bag, tens unit


We consistently provide sincere and promot service:
–  Before we and customers make a deal, we always offer lastest profiles, such as: project drawing, quotation sheet, customer data(tens is 9018909000 )

After we sign the contract and before our goods reach customers’ end, we offer: installation drawings, package photos, shipping documents…

For special & complex project, we could send engineer to customers’ site for development guide.

Please inform us the following information for a quick quotation:
1) layout of your tens machine
2) function requirement of the device
3) dimension and design of package
4) How many channels you want

5) How many sets of cargo  you need to storage

About MaisMed tens units, China:

MaisMed Instrument Co., Ltd is found in 2005. It specializes in the development, design and production of home medical products and rehabilitation products in China, supply quality products at competitive prices. We would like to be your reliable supplier and trusted friends. Thank you for your attention!
We have became long-term suppliers for famous enterprises, such as: bytech, bio, Roscal and so on. You can refer to: https://www.maismedtens.com

May Li

MaisMed Instrument Co., Ltd

Address: #A2 Building 1,Biomedicine Innovations Industrial Park,China
E-mail: may@maismedtens.com      admin@maismedtens.com
Mobile: +86 18128589153
Website: www.maismedtens.com

facebook: Li May
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