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Detailed Product Description: Tens Lead wires

tens lead wires

Maismed Instrument is a professional Chinese manufacturer of tens machine in In our domestic Chinese market and abroad market, our company has been manufacturing mainly the following products

mainly Tens machine unit products:

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulators (TENS machine unit)
Electrical Muscle Stimulators (EMS, NMS)
Interferential Stimulators (INF)
Micro Current Stimulators
Incontinence therapy devices

Products have Safety Approvals and Compliances such as FDA, CE / Medical, cMET, TGA, RoHs, REACH

Product Description

Snap: 3.5mm snap connection
Lead Plug: Female fitting 2.00mm female plug
Tens Pads: Snap/button connection

electrode Size: all size

Leadwire length: 150mm

material requirement:  RoHs

Package: PE bag, comment Carton box

TENS Leads with a Snap Connection to electrodes or conductive glove& sock

What are Snap Electrodes Lead wire?

1 lead wire with two 3.5mm snap connectors can used with most snap electrode for pain relief. Compatible for use with Maismed Muscle Stimulation machines.

  • Optimum restitution of the electric power, perfect for high intensity stimulation
  • Adaptable – can be used with other muscle stimulation brands
  • Easy Snap connection between cable and electrode
  • Comfortable to wear

The snap lead wire can used with High quality self adhesive multi-use electrode pads for use with most TENS, EMS and Interferential units that use the standard 3.5mm round snap connection for body pain relief.


One Pair of STUD/SNAP TENS LEAD WIRES WITH A SMALL 2.0mm Female plug 
These snap leads will fit Tens electrode pads with a 3.5mm stud connection.
The connection to  the Tens machine Lead wires  is a small 2.0mm Female plug.

The snap lead wire can also used with conductive glove, conductive socks for hand, foot pain relief.

Conductive Glove for use with Tens Machines

Electrotherapy Tens glove for use with Tens machines suitable for the following conditions:

arthritis, tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, post operative pain and swelling, general pain and circulation problems

The conductive glove is made from silver nylon threads which provides high levels of conductivity and even distribution of current, which offers the user greater comfort and effectiveness
* Gloves are sold individually. If a single glove is used a large Tens electrode pad will be required to be used as a reference electrode in order to complete the circuit. If two gloves are used together the extra pad is not necessary as the circuit is complete

Please note this is an accessory and the Tens machine needs to be purchased seperately.


tens electrode  photos for referene:


Tens machine ADVANTAGES

FES (Functional Electrical Stimulation) is a kind of technique used to produce contractions in paralysed muscles by the application of small pulses of electrical stimulation to nerves

that supply the paralysed muscle. The stimulation is controlled in such a way that the movement produced provides useful function. It is used as a tool to assist sport training and also as a means of practicing functional movements for therapeutic benefit.

The stimulation can also facilitate muscle re-education, prevent/retard disuse atrophy, maintain or increase joint range of motion and increase local blood flow.

  1. A Health care therapeutic device adopting Traditional Chinese Medicine of Acupuncture Technology and the best effect of body reaction by Using Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation.
  2. A Great Choice for Individual daily health care based on its 8 Outstanding Optional Functions: 1. Acupuncture, 2. Stroke, 3.Massage, 4.Cupping, 5. Manipulation, 6. Scrapping, 7. Weight Reducing, 8. Immune Therapy.
  3. You can enjoy the Magical Experience of using the electric current to stimulate the nerves on your body. It Must be Amazing!!!
  4. Applicable for indication stiff shoulder, neural paralysis, neuralgia, shank ache, whole body fatigue, stomachache, Hypertension, Cervical, Hypnogenesis, vertebra neck ache, per arthritis, toothache, and various acute chronic etc.
  5. Lightweight Design easy to carry, suitable for office, hospital, home, and travel use, ideal complement for life. Let’s Start and promote a healthy lifestyle!!!

When can I use it?

For muscle building and the relief of pain. Use before, during and after training to help increase blood flow and minimise the effects of lactic acid build up, or use to soothe aching muscles following injury.

  • Warm-up and cool-down before and after exercise
  • Resistance
  • Treat Muscle Strain and Provide Pain Relief
  • Toning, Firming and Shaping
  • Massage and Oxygenation
  • Targeted Muscle Stimulation

How does it work?

By placing the electrodes on to your skin and using with a Maismed Muscle Stimulator, muscles are tricked into behaving as if the involuntary movement is being caused by the brain, helping to build strength, tone individual muscle groups and relieve pain following injury.

Please Note: Always follow manufacturers instructions.

tens pads replacement

Standard Export Package: upright and beam will be packed in plastic films and bubbles to protect from abrasion;
Accessories will pack in cartons.



We consistently provide sincere and promot service:
–  Before we and customers make a deal, we always offer lastest profiles, such as: project drawing, quotation sheet, customer data(tens is 9018909000 )

After we sign the contract and before our goods reach customers’ end, we offer: installation drawings, package photos, shipping documents…

For special & complex project, we could send engineer to customers’ site for development guide.

Please inform us the following information for a quick quotation:
1) layout of your tens machine
2) function requirement of the device
3) dimension and design of package
4) How many channels you want

5) How many sets of cargo  you need to storage

About MaisMed tens units, China:

MaisMed Instrument Co., Ltd is found in 2005. It specializes in the development, design and production of home medical products and rehabilitation products in China, supply quality products at competitive prices. We would like to be your reliable supplier and trusted friends. Thank you for your attention!
We have became long-term suppliers for famous enterprises, such as: bytech, bio, Roscal and so on. You can refer to: https://www.maismedtens.com

May Li

MaisMed Instrument Co., Ltd

Address: #A2 Building 1,Biomedicine Innovations Industrial Park,China
E-mail: may@maismedtens.com
Mobile: +86 18128589153
Website: www.maismedtens.com

facebook: Li May
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