A TENS  unit benefits and warnings you need to know

While the results are temporary, many people do find using a TENS unit regularly to be very helpful in managing their chronic pain.

Here are some of the benefits it can bring:

  • Blocking pain signals to the brain means you get a temporary respite from the pain.
  • It relaxes and gently massages your sore muscles.
  • You can use it on the move, so a great option to keep you active and working without pain.
  • Using a TENS unit to manage your daily pain can reduce the need for pain medication.
  • Electrical impulses produce endorphins which will also improve your mood.


  • Consult with the patient’s doctor/physician before using this device.
  • Stimulation should not be applied over swollen, infected, or inflamed areas or skin eruptions, e.g., phlebitis, thrombophlebitis, varicose veins, etc.
  • Stimulation should not be applied over, or in proximity to, cancerous lesions.
  • Do not use this device over the abdomen during pregnancy. The safety of the use of devices during pregnancy has not been established.
  • Do not disconnect the lead wires/cables during treatment. Switch off the device before disconnect the wires/cables.
  • Operator cannot touch the batteries and patient simultaneously.
  • Take adequate precautions before using this device on patients who may suffer from heart diseases. For these patients, clinical data is not sufficient to prove the safety of the use of device.
  • Avoid the use of this device in post-operative recovery rooms when the patient is on a heart monitor. Other electronic monitoring equipment such as EKG monitors and EKG alarms may not operate properly when this device is in use.
  • Keep this device away from sources of high magnetic fields such as cellular phones, TVs, microwave ovens and hi-fi speakers. Magnetic Fields may affect the functions of the device and the LCD.
  • Do not use this device in places with high humidity such as bathrooms or while taking a bath or shower.
  • Be careful not to allow any metal object, such as a belt buckle or necklace to come into contact with the electrodes during treatment.
  • TENS is a symptomatic treatment and as such suppresses the sensation of pain, which would otherwise serve as a protective mechanism.
  • TENS is ineffective for pain of central origin including headache.
  • TENS devices have no curative value.
  • Do not place the electrodes near the wounds, dermatitis and abrasions.
  • Not suitable for the skin condition is too dry and lack normal sensation.
  • Do not place the electrodes near the heart, on the neck, on the head, around the mouth or on diseased skin.
  • Continued use of electrical stimulation in the presence of skin irritation may be harmful. If skin rash or other unusual symptoms develop while using this device, turn the device off, remove the electrodes from your skin and seek professional advice. Discontinue stimulation until the source of irritation is determined. Moving the electrodes to an adjacent position may allow continued stimulation, and may be done routinely if the device is being used to treat chronic pain.
  • For hygiene reason, DON’T SHARE the electrodes with others.
  • Keep this device and accessories out of the reach of children.

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